2023-09-01 Terminology Service Call

Terminology Services Call

Friday, 1 September 2023
9 - 10 am ET | 1 - 2 pm UTC | 2 - 3 pm WAT | 3 - 4 pm CAT | 4 - 5 pm EAT

Join tomorrow’s session to be apart of the OpenHIE TS Subcommunity continuing the discussion around National Health Data Dictionaries!

National Health Data Dictionaries (NHDDs) continue to be a hot topic in the global community, and we are keeping that discussion going! Today we are focusing on evaluating a country’s current progress & identifying next steps & milestones for establishing the NHDD, and we want to hear from you.

Plan to join to share your thoughts & experiences! This is a continuation of our recent Shiriki webinar (slides, recording) and the OHIE23 NHDD unconference session (notes, slides).

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if you missed the terminology services call on Friday September 1 you can review the notes & recording on the 2023-09-01 Terminology Services Call page