2022-11-04 Terminology Service Call

Join us at the upcoming OpenHIE Terminology Services call on Friday November 4, where we will be continuing our TS Implementer Series!

Casey Iiams-Hauser will share about the OpenELIS software and its integration work with the OCL terminology service, which is currently in progress. OpenELIS is an open-source enterprise-level laboratory information system (LIS) built on open source web-based technologies that has been tailored for low-and-middle-income country public health laboratories. The OpenELIS group has been developing a default test catalog in OCL that will ease LIS implementation efforts in a standards-based way.

This will be followed by time for discussion and Q&A. We encourage you to come to this interactive call with questions, challenges, and your experiences, particularly related to the ongoing OpenELIS work.

Connection Details can be found on the 2022-11-04 Terminology Service Wiki Page

If you could not join us for the OpenHIE Terminology Service call today, you can read the minutes or listen to the recording on 2022-11-04 Terminology Service wiki page.

The next OpenHIE Terminology Service call is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. EDT on Friday, December 2.