COVID 19 Data for Analysis

The topic of Covid 19 Data for Analysis was discussed on the COVID- 19 call last week. That discussion resulted in brainstorming about questions to be answered and decisions to be made from data collected from the Covid-19 data sets. A preliminary set of proposed data use is included in this document.

Please feel free to comment on the document or in response to this post. If you are interested in working on this topic, please post here, or let @cleitner1 @thcullen @miclcox know. We will schedule a follow up meeting and post the time on discourse as well as on the Covid-19 call page. Thanks

Last week the OHIE-Lab Information System subcommunity had a call about COVID-19 work and what technology is out there wondering if there is anything that could be added around data collection from this discussion? Call info is here.

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