Vision, Mission and Values for IL and SHR communities

Hi everyone

As discussed on Tuesday’s IL call, we would like to initiate an active discussion with the objective of reaching an agreed Vision, Mission and Values for the Interoperability Layer community as well a separate Vision, Mission and Values for the Shared Health Record community by 31st March.

There is a Google doc available here , where some initial thoughts have already been listed. This is intended as a place to do some virtual brainstorming over the next week so please go ahead and add your ideas to this, preferably before end of day on Monday 24th February.

On the next SHR call on 25th February and the next IL call on 4th March, we will set aside time on the agenda to discuss this, based on the one text approach and we will continue to refine and hopefully come to consensus over the next 4 weeks.

You will notice that to kick off this process there is one combined document for both the SHR and IL communities because there is substantial overlap between them, and hopefully this will serve as a space to start defining more formally both what differentiates these two components as well as the core values that underpin both of them. This will be split into two separate documents for each community.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Best regards



Linda Taylor
Jembi Health Systems- Technical Project Coordinator
Skype: linda.jembi