Tomorrow's (09.12) Community call link and suggested agenda

I will probably be a few minutes late. Saludos, Roger


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Subject: Tomorrow’s (09.12) Community call link and suggested agenda

Dear Community members,

Tomorrow is our bi-weekly HMIS community call. Jim will host the call.
Thank you Jim!

Please find below a suggested agenda as well as the Hangout link.

1 item suggested so far:

  • Discuss the Aggregate data from the SHR workflow.

Feel free to reply to this post to suggest other items.


If you would prefer to dial in please see below.

Dial Toll Free Number:

  • US: 800-220-9875
  • Norway: 800-142-85
  • Ireland: 800-625-002
  • Canada: 800-221-8656
  • South Africa 0-800-982-555
  • International (Not Toll-free) 1-302-709-8332
  • For additional toll free country numbers *click here


Access Code: 63535607#

The collaborative notes will be completed during the call here:
Make sure you have this page opened during our call, so you can add your
comments and contribute to the MoM.

Talk to you,

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