Standards and Interoperability Lab Asia (powered by AeHIN)

Thank for the heads up you Alvin,

Good to hear from and and pleased to see the SILA team members!

Looking forward to the dialog.




On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 7:48 AM, Alvin Marcelo wrote:

Shaun J. Grannis, MD MS FACMI FAAFP
Biomedical Research Scientist, The Regenstrief Institute
Associate Professor, I.U. School of Medicine
410 West 10th Street, Suite 2000
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 274-9092 (Office)
(317) 274-9305 (Fax)

Dear Paul, Chris, Scott, Ed, Shaun, Derek, Carl L, Carl F, Dykki, John, Carol, Sundeep, Jorn, Liara,

Happy new year! I would like to introduce the Standards and Interoperability Lab in Asia (or SILA) powered by AeHIN and supported by ADB, WHO, UNICEF and other partners. We are now in the incubation period and hope to grow up into the AeHIN Interoperability Lab as soon as we get our feet wet.

I wanted to just give a heads-up that we will be contacting you jointly and separately for assistance/support on architectural and solution artifacts around OpenHIE. I have asked the team to join the openhie-implementers list so we hope to get questions answered there but also for you to watch out for my following team members:

Philip Zuniga

Perl Gasmen

Randy Fernandez

Ruahden Dang-awan

Eric Pareja

Raymond Sarmiento

Kristin Chloe Pascual

Charisse Orjalo

We continue to provide (and get) network support via AeHIN while we establish lab space at the University of the Philippines Manila-Philippine General Hospital.

Looking forward to interacting with you soon!


Yes website is next –