SHR and Interoeprabiliy Layer plans and dealines

Hi all,

I think it may be getting difficult for everyone to tell where we are with the Shared Health Record and Interoperability layer communities. So I’ve worked on a bit on a status page that explains where we are at. I’ve also added some deadlines that I think we can aim for to accelerate this work. Please take note of these but we will also discuss them on the calls.

You can find the two status pages below. They also contain links to all the working docs that you need to know about.

Interoperability Layer:

Shared Health Record:

As a general summary of where we are for each of these communities, the community has created a great set of use cases and requirements and these are currently under discussion on the calls for both the Interoperability Layer and Shared Health Record. Evaluation tools have also been created and are also being updated as the requirements change.

Looking forward we will be defining a list of software tools that think would be worth reviewing for the role of a Shared health Record and an Interoperability Layer. From there we will evaluate the software against the evaluation tool and finally write up the results and suggest a way forward for the community. This will include a decision on whether we decide to do one of the following:

  1. Use an existing tool
  2. Modify an existing tool for our purpose
  3. Build a new tool from scratch
    I will keep these pages up to date as we have further discussion. I hope this helps everyone have a good understanding of where we are with these communities at the moment.

Let me know if you have any questions.




Ryan Crichton

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