REMINDER: SHR Community Call Today 22 April at 4pm CAT / 10am EDT Code 69188261#

Good Day All

A reminder that the SHR call is scheduled for today 22 April at 4pm CAT / 10am EDT.

The agenda for the meeting is below:

  • Virtual documents vs storing generated document
  • Is this summary of our discussion correct:
  • We see that virtual documents for summaries would be beneficial where appropriate
  • For our antepartum use case it seems the IHE profiles don’t fit this model so we won’t need virtual documents for the moment.
  • How should querying for document work? Does the SHR just return a list of links to documents as per the XDS standard?
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Call in details:

OpenHIE Conference Line - Access Code 69188261#

(US 800-220-9875 SA 0800-982-555)




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