Registries Country Engagement Document - link and open input

Hi all,

Thanks to Nancy and Liz for the drafting and discussing the Registries Country Engagement Document. Thanks also to Paul and Rowena for comments
in the Wednesday call and document. It is available for viewing and editing at

The call notes will be posted on the FRED wiki soon, but I wanted to maintain the call’s momentum by highlighting the opportunity for group input on this engagement document.
Beyond the unanimous feedback of “good job!”, some of the suggestions I heard in Wednesday’s FRED call included:

  • Nancy suggested adding upfront a ‘Why should you participate?’ section. This could emphasize the benefits in non-IT terms.
    Some of these benefits may already be nested in the document text, “ Information about patients, care providers, services and facilities is often located in a number of places and may vary in format. It can be hard to know which information
    is most accurate, complete and up-to-date. As a result systems often do not contain sufficient information or quality of information necessary for the planning, program and resource monitoring, and performance-based review that the health managers require.”

Group input is welcome on other rationales for countries to participate in an interoperable, open-source,
standards-driven facility registry service. To spur ideas, I list a few general examples below:

  • improve information availability to organizations in all areas of a health system

-enable monitoring and evaluation to improve policy making and responsiveness

-support a consistent, coherent and non-redundant health information system

-guidance by national leadership ensures that services reflect national policies and regulation

(My bullets above are not added to the google doc since it is more of a generic prompt for your better
description. ) Anyone can access and edit the google document.

Other call suggestions included:

  • Shift order and emphasis to prioritize the facility registry over the enterprise architecture or health information exchange.
  • Create two documents, including brief introduction and a slightly longer collection modules/sections to be copied for introductory materials tailored to particular audiences.
  • Emphasize country empowerment of country ownership and responsiveness to country input. Some of this language could be drawn from HIPPP strategy.

Feel free to contribute to the document or comment/correct me by email.



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