Proposal for new work item


Please find attached a proposal for a new work item for the QRPH committee for your consideration. It has been prepared collaboratively by the Health Management Information System community within the openHIE ( project.

Unfortunately I am unlikely to be able to attend the TC face to face meetings planned for October and November as I am based in Dublin, Ireland, though I will be very happy to attend remotely. I understand that my colleague, Derek Ritz, will likely attend the October meeting in which case he has agreed to jointly present a motivation - Derek from the floor and me from the ether. We do have a relatively broad community interest around this profile though most of us are based outside of North America. The lack of such a profile has plagued our community of practice for at least the past 15 years.

We hope that the proposal falls within the scope of work which is of interest to the committee and look forward to working through this evaluation process with you.

Best regards

Bob Jolliffe

ProposalforProfileofAggregateDataExchange.docx (43.3 KB)