PDQm Client Registry

Hello All,

I thought I would just share the results of the work from the FHIR connect-a-thon in regards implementing PDQm. The testing event went well, and I had a few consumers who were able to connect, although none of them were PDQm consumers in a true sense (meaning that they had to modify their code a little to support required elements). This implementation is “as close as I could get it to the TF”, which is a symptom of PDQm being such a new profile (that is, not having many peers to talk to or validation tools on Gazelle).

I have deployed the most recent copy of the CR on the Mohawk Infrastructure, and am bundling a new installer and some deployment instructions so this can be pushed to the sandbox if needed (I will post soon). I’ll also test this new code on SuSE to make sure I didn’t use any fancy .NET 4.x features not supported on Linux.

The Mohawk Infrastructure has the following endpoints (for those who want to play around right away):

PDQm Endpoints:

Base Url: http://cr.marc-hi.ca:8080/fhir

PDQm Profile: http://cr.marc-hi.ca:8080/fhir/Profile/pdqm?_format=xml (or JSON: http://cr.marc-hi.ca:8080/fhir/Profile/pdqm?_format=json)

A sample PDQM patient: http://cr.marc-hi.ca:8080/fhir/Patient/28194/_history/28195?_format=xml (or JSON: http://cr.marc-hi.ca:8080/fhir/Patient/28194/_history/28195?_format=json))

** Note: Please note that this registry does send back additional extensions and contained resources to reflect additional PDQv3 data not supported in FHIR. A conformant PDQm consumer may ignore these elements

Other Endpoints:

HL7v2 (PIX/PDQ) : llp://cr.marc-hi.ca:2100 (or secured at sllp://cr.marc-hi.ca:2200)

PIXv3 : http://cr.marc-hi.ca:8080/pixanager (or secured at: https://cr.marc-hi.ca:8443/pixmanager)

PDQv3: http://cr.marc-hi.ca:8080/pdqsupplier (or secured at: https://cr.marc-hi.ca:8443/pdqsupplier)

NB: Secured endpoints only trust connections by clients having node certificates issued by ca.marc-hi.ca, if you’d like one I can have the guys at Mohawk issue a cert.

Feel free to test or play around. The PDQm technical framework is located here: http://ihe.net/uploadedFiles/Documents/ITI/IHE_ITI_Suppl_PDQm.pdf, If you notice something that doesn’t jive with the PDQm spec please let me know! It will provide feedback into PDQm as well…

One final note; this registry supports registration of patients via FHIR which must adhere to PDQm profile as well, this will most likely serve as the basis for PIXm or PAMm (the proposal brief I’m working on).