OpenHIE COVID-19 Task Force Call - Monday, January 11

If you could not join us for the OpenHIE COVID-19 Task Force call yesterday, you can read the minutes or listen to the recording on 2021-01-11 COVID-19 Task Force wiki page.

Thank you for sharing notes with the community, Michelle!

Hi all,
A few quick updates on the OpenHIE Covid-19 Task Force. We are quickly coming to a wrap-up of the Covid-19 Case Report Form and plan to have this released by the end of the month. As this specific work is winding down, and we have also noticed a lot of interest in case reporting workflows in multiple health program areas, we are restructuring the calls to alternate between Covid-19 focused calls and Case Reporting calls. On Monday (yes the call is still on w/ the US holiday) we will be focusing on Case Reporting in general. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing this @cleitner1 will there be a keep output(s) from the general case reporting calls?

Yes, we plan to document generic case reporting workflows using FHIR standards for use w/ HIV, Covid and other health areas. The starting point for this will be this slide deck:
and will end up as OpenHIE FHIR IG on case reporting that the existing IGs on Covid and HIV will depend on:

On a related note, there is now an OpenHIE stream in the FHIR community under It is private (to keep noise down for non-OpenHIE people, but all are welcome. If someone is interested in joining, please join Zulip and ping someone from the OpenHIE community for an invite or respond here and we can make sure you have an invite. The stream is here:

@jthomas, perhaps we can put a note on the wiki somewhere about this new stream?


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