OHIE Facility Registry - Project Management Call (4/24/13)


The OHIE Facility Registry project management call scheduled for today (4/24/13) will begin shortly. The agenda for the call includes:

  1. Status update on current activities of the project
  2. Tanzania Implementation
  3. Website Skeleton Pages
  4. Other Activities
  5. OHIE Facility Registry Wiki Location
  6. Future of the Project Management call and a new “Implementers” call.
    If you have any additional items you wish to discuss please reply to this thread. Call in details are included below.

When: Wednesday, 4/24/13, @ PDT-7:00, EDT-10:00, SAST-16:00

Where: To participate, dial the appropriate conference line number from the list below and enter participant code 69690174#.

US Toll-Free 1.800.220.9875

Canada Toll-free 1.800.221.8656

Ireland Toll-Free 1.800.625.002

S.A. Toll-free 0.800.982.555

International (Not Toll-free) 1.302.709.8332

Project Links:

API Issues: https://github.com/facilityregistry/fred-api/issues?state=open

The API is viewable at: http://facilityregistry.org

Facility Registry Wiki: http://is.gd/Ezzmzg

Facility Registry Google Group: http://is.gd/SYxwY4

OHIE Website: www.ohie.org

For questions, comments or agenda items please contact me at

Email: steesdale@instedd.org

Skype: scott.teesdale