OHIE Facility Registry - Project Management Call (4/10/13)


You are invited to join the OHIE Facility Registry project management call, scheduled for tomorrow (4/10/13). Call in details are included below and please let me know if you have any questions.

When: Wednesday, 4/10/13, @ PDT-7:00, EDT-10:00, SAST-16:00

Where: To participate, dial the appropriate conference line number from the list below and enter participant code 69690174#.

US Toll-Free 1.800.220.9875

Canada Toll-free 1.800.221.8656

Ireland Toll-Free 1.800.625.002

S.A. Toll-free 0.800.982.555

International (Not Toll-free) 1.302.709.8332

Project Links:

API Issues: https://github.com/facilityregistry/fred-api/issues?state=open

The API is viewable at: http://facilityregistry.org

Facility Registry Wiki: http://is.gd/Ezzmzg

Facility Registry Google Group: http://is.gd/SYxwY4

OHIE Website: www.ohie.org

For questions, comments or agenda items please contact me at

Email: steesdale@instedd.org

Skype: scott.teesdale