Intros to Scott

Hi Scott,

It is great to meet you. I am glad to talk with you and Ed about handing off from NetHope to InSTEDD the support for the facility registry community. Let me know when would be good for you to talk this week. We also have a project management call on Wednesday
morning at 7am Pacific, and it would be great to introduce you there.

You can get all the facility registry discussion and event announcements by joining the listserv at



Kelly Keisling, MPH

NetHope Global Healthcare Program Director skype: kellyk215

Tel. (202) 550-0908


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From: Eduardo Jezierski

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Subject: Intros to Scott

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Hi Kelly - I think you know Scott from mHealth working group - Scott will helping us run the OHIE FR efforts at InSTEDD.

I can give a more proper intro if you guys want - but you can do it yourselves :slight_smile:

We could have a 1:1 call next wednesday to discuss current activities and pending deliverables for Nethope FR and plan continuity stuff.

Could you also add him to all the relevant FR invites -including project management?