Interoperability Layer community call at 4 pm CAT and 9 am EST Tuesday 17 February 2015 Passcode: 61489468#

Hi All

A reminder that the next Interoperability Layer Community Call will take place today Tuesday 3 February at 4pm CAT and 9am EST.


  • OpenHIM development update - where to from here?
  • The IL’s interaction with the TS
  • ATNA support in an IL - what features would an IL need?
  • Implementation guide and wiki documentation - LT ( the link to the Google doc)
  • If you would like to add any items to the agenda please let me know and we will include it for discussion.
    Please remember to sign in on the Etherpad here:

Call Details:

Dial 800-220-9875(US)

   0800-982-555 (SA) 

Code 61489468#



Linda Taylor
Jembi Health Systems- Technical Project Coordinator
Skype: linda.jembi