FRED API and CHP framework documents

Hello facility registry community,

Thanks for the continued progress and collaboration on the facility registry API. To support the broader use of the API, NetHope is sharing
two documents below.

  • Based on the March 22, 2013 version of the API developed by the facility registry community, Mohawk College has thoroughly documented the API specifications
    for the FRED facility registry service. It describes the FRED interfaces at a wire level, covering both the host and client services. These detailed specifications provide information to a broader audience of analysts, architects and systems integrators
    to understand the behavioral and structural characteristics of compliant FRED facilities registries and consumers. (See

  • The Collaborative Health Platform (CHP) framework was a partner driven initiative begun in 2011 to support e/mHealth ecosystem that facilitates the delivery of healthcare in resource constrained
    environments. The CHP framework has been updated by Mohawk College to reflect the analysis and examples of the facility registry service API developed by the community as of March 20, 2013. (See

We hope these methodical documents enable the broader consideration and adoption of the facility registry API as part of the larger OpenHIE.
Those interested in the latest iteration of the API are directed to
. Thanks much to the facility registry community for making this possible.

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Kelly Keisling, MPH

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