Followup from Introductory Meeting...

Jim, Bob, Jorn, Matthieu:

It was great to catch up with you yesterday, and in the spirit of open communication, I’m posting this note to your new mailing list. You might want to add Jorn and Matthieu to the list, but I’ve cc’ed them for this note.

I wanted to highlight the next steps we talked about working through:

  1. Mission/Vision/Values exercise: we all acknowledged that depending on who you speak with, people have different notions of what this sub-community’s boundaries are. As a result, there’s value in developing a mission and vision for the community to more formally document this. We agreed that the best way to get the most feedback is to have the leaders draft a mission/vision/values statement, and get use something like the Onetext method to get community input on how it should be modified. So, todo’s on this one are for Jim/Bob to come up with a draft concept note around the community’s emphasis, and I’d be happy to work with you to help you pull a mission/vision out of that. I also talked with Matthieu about getting him familiar with the Onetext method in anticipation of getting community input around the draft. Jamie can work with Matthieu there.

  2. Establishing community conventions: we also acknowledged the value in setting up some basic conventions around the community process. I’ll try to summarize below:

  • Predictable public fora for community conversation: OpemHIE sub-communities usually have phone/video conferences on a regular basis. They most commonly happen bi-monthly, but it’s up to you all to set up a frequency based upon your needs. OpenHIE can provide international conference lines, and tools to organize/document meetings.
  • “If it isn’t written down, then it didn’t happen”: We’ve been repeatedly reminded over the past year, that there are many “silent” or “auditing” members of the community that get much of their information from what is written online. Given the time zone differences, etc… we’ve found it important to make sure notes/minutes of meetings are made available, and that conversations over emails are done in a place where they are Google searchable and archived (i.e. mailing lists). Please do what you can to make sure that most conversations are available in this way. We’ve set up to help with this, which is meant to be a collaborative note taking tool
  • Name: you all expressed some interest in leaving the name of the community open. I presume that once you go through the MVV exercise, the name will be clear.
  • Representation in core OpenHIE activities: we will want you to name semi-formal (aka voting) representation in the architectural review board, and also have regular representation on the monthly community call, as well as the monthly leadership call. As I discussed with you all, these are specific opportunities to influence the direction of OpenHIE, to get a sense of how countries/implementations are engaging with us, and to communicate your progress with the broader group.
    Jamie cobbled together some quick notes of our meeting while it was happening. They are located here:

Let me know your thoughts!