Facility Registry Update - Closing in on v1.0

We are having another tech call today to discuss but wanted to provide a few quick updates - some of which are a recap from before.

New Documentation Site

We have a new documentation site at:


The source for this can be found here:


If you want access to make edits please provide your github account and we will add you.

API Discussion

We have been having a lively discussion on issues related to the API using the github issues system.


Here we’ve been discussing some of the critical issues we are trying to resolve for the initial 1.0 release. These include:

  • API versioning
  • default data structure: XML vs. JSON or both
  • Clarification on how updates / deletes work
  • ID specification format
    I think this has been a great way to organize the discussions are the API. If you have interest in participating or tracking the discussion please let us know and we’ll add you via github.

We do need to get resolution on some of these issues so we can finalize a v1. Some of these issues will need to be put off to later versions. This is hopefully the topic of our call today.

In summary, please follow the issues on github if you want to track where the progress on our thinking has been. We, however, have to come to agreement on a couple of key points now for us to release an initial API version which people can build off of.