Facility Registry Community Call 28 Jan

Greetings FR Community

Please join us on January 28 at 11am US Est. to discuss priorities for the FR community 2021 roadmap.

See you there.


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Looking forward to an exciting 2021!

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Thank you Adam for sharing this reminder! Here is the link to the wiki for call connection info, link to collaborative notes page, and upcoming calls for the year: https://wiki.ohie.org/display/resources/Facility+Registry+Subcommunity+Calls

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If you could not join us for the OpenHIE Facility Registry call today, you can read the minutes or listen to the recording on 2020-01-28 OpenHIE Facility Registry wiki page.

The next OpenHIE Facility Registry call is scheduled for Thursday, February 25 at 11:00 a.m. EST.

Hi All! Last Thursday’s call was an exciting one to participate in! I wanted to follow-up with the team and key players (@rsembajwe and @martinosumba) regarding helping us gather more impact stories to share out to the wider community as well as even further for outreach efforts.

If you’d like to share contacts for outreach with our team, please email to @kaalcumm (kaalcumm@regenstrief.org) with the names, emails, and projects that are in-progress. Kasey will then reach out to these persons.

Or, if you would like to do the reach out to your contacts - you are welcome to copy and Kasey and below are the resources to share in sending out requests for these stories:

  • Here is the survey to link to fill out with information regarding the initiative
  • Here is a summarized example of what one of these stories looks like. (These will look a little different on the upcoming website).
  • Here is language we have used to describe what we are looking for with these stories:

In light of the postponement of the OpenHIE 2020 Community Meeting, we want to ensure people can share experiences and accomplishments around completed and in-progress implementations using OpenHIE solutions. As a community, the more we share, the more we will grow our knowledge around health information exchange. We would love to highlight the work happening in COUNTRY/PROJECT/ETC. as it relates to the OpenHIE framework and wonder if you or someone else could fill out this short 10 minute questionnaire or share your work in another written format. Our objectives are:

  • to share your success and progress with OpenHIE community
  • to illustrate the sharing of data (clinical, administrative, population and/or public health) using a health information exchange
  • to highlight the components of OpenHIE’s architecture essential to supporting your data exchange
  • to show value and benefit to your local community / country and the overall OpenHIE community

FYI: @subcommunity_leads

Thank you all! Please ask any questions you have about this topic!

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