eRSS proposal (attached)

I’m pretty sure there is a way to upload to IHE’s ITI Tech ftp server – but I don’t seem to have “submit” access to that site.

ITI Tech members: Please find (attached) a copy of the eReferral Search Service detailed profile proposal for your consideration. I have also included a document as an appendix to this proposal: the Human Services Directory service spec jointly developed by HL7/OMG. The eRSS proposal highly leverages this document.

Could one of the committee chairs please help me by posting these documents up to the ftp site? Thank you.

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Derek Ritz, P.Eng., CPHIMS-CA

ecGroup Inc.

+1 (905) 515-0045

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12-11-17 IHE eRSS Work Item Proposal (ITI Tech) v0.4.docx (180 KB)

Appendix 1 Human Services Directory (HSD) service functional specification.pdf (842 KB)


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