Draft - Spec Document

Hello Everyone,

I pushed a draft copy of the facility registry spec last night and thought I would just send out a ping to anyone interested in giving it a read. Note the introduction/executive summary portions are not finished, I want to get an idea whether or not some of the interpretations of the API docs were correct.

I’ve shown the document to some students in our lab (figure they’re perfect targets as they’re outside of the fishbowl) so there may be some specification sections which seem like common sense. These are present to ensure consistency in implementations (the clarification of HTTP verbs behaviors is a good example of this).


Please use the issues section and include the section number that requires modification. For example, if there is a problem with verbiage in section 4.3 just post “Verbiage issue Section 4.3” … You can also reference by figure/table number as I doubt these will change much.

If commenting becomes too tedious, I can share this document via SkyDrive so everyone can just edit/comment online or using Word.