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Thanks Carl.

I agree to not to really go for GS1 codes at this point in time. Since private networked hospitals of insurance companies are using GS1 there is push for us also to use it to avoid multiple identifiers.

There is no decision still in this regard and I hope MoHFW would be able to resolve this very soon.

Thanks for you help Scott.

Best Regards,



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Digest for facility-registry@ googlegroups.com - 3 updates in 2 topics

      Scott Teesdale <steesdale@instedd.org        >: Mar 08 06:06PM +0630

    Hi Carl, Thanks for the clarification on the country level fee’s - that is super helpful.

Amit, sounds like there isn’t a strong reason for you to use the GS1 at this point - would you agree? Seems as though the Luhn / check-digit approach to identifying facilities makes the most sense. We would be curious which direction you ultimately decide to go.



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