Confirming ARB approval of first 4 health financing workflows

TO: @arch_review_board and OpenHIE community @maurya

RE: Virtual Approval of 4 finance workflows discussed on today’s call

The workflow content for the following four workflows are ready for approval: (OpenHIE Finance and Insurance Services Workflows - Google Docs)

  • HFW-001: Enroll Beneficiary
  • HFW-002: Query Beneficiary
  • HFW-003: Check Coverage Eligibility
  • HFW-004: Claiming

Please see the content of these first 4 workflows and note your questions and / or reply to this thread to note your approval by 1-April, 2022.

I approve these as the first version and first set.

TO: @arch_review_board - reminder to vote to approve this insurance workflows in the message above.

I approve. I added some comments/questions to the doc.