Checking interest in an Arusha pre-conference architecture workshop

Dear Architecture community,

During the last OpenHIE architecture community call we discussed the potential for a pre-conference architecture workshop in Arusha, Tanzania focusing on identifying current needs and opportunities for the architecture community to help accelerate OpenHIE implementations.

A draft agenda for the workshop can be found here.

Last week we sent an email to the community mailing list requesting individuals to express their level of interest. To date, we have received little response and we need to make a decision soon, given that registration is now open for the OpenHIE conference and attendees are beginning to make travel arrangements.

If you have an interest in a pre-conference Architecture Workshop, please email to let us know of your interest within 48 hours. Based on your feedback we will determine next steps.

Thank you for all that you do in support of the OpenHIE community!


Shaun Grannis