CDA plus specification

Hi all,

The SHR community has been discussing the creation of CDA document specification that we could include as default within an OpenHIE implementation. The idea is that the specification should cover most of the general clinical data needs for low to middle income countries (our target audience). This would give implementations a good base upon which to build a clinical data sharing HIE.

So far the SHR community has discussed 3 major domains of health care that seem to be prudent and that we have real world use cases for:

  • Maternal care
  • Immunisations
  • HIV (perhaps with a TB component as these are often managed together)
    We would like to get everyone’s feedback on this idea and to a feeling from the architecture community if this is something worth pursuing. There will likely be implications in this work for the other communities. For example the terminology service community to help come up with the reference terms that we should use.

Please let us know your thoughts on this.

We would also like to carve out some time in a upcoming architecture call to discuss this idea and see how we can take this forward. Is there space to discuss this on one of the future architecture calls?

Thanks all and I look forward to hearing your comments.




Ryan Crichton

Lead Developer, Jembi Health Systems | SOUTH AFRICA

Mobile: +27845829934 | Skype: ryan.graham.crichton