ACTION REQUIRED - Academy Course Outlines

Don’t forgot that you volunteered to help outline an OHIE 101-level course. See notes for who volunteered for what:

Volunteers to start to outline the courses?

Here are the bullets that you can use to get started

Please share with those that do not yet have discourse accounts.


@thcullen- just got onto discourse ; thanks for the information @jennifer.e.shivers

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Here is a proposed approach to Data Standards, borrowed heavily from previous work that RI has done. @tesfit please feel free to modify and.or comment. We can move to a totally different format if you want. This still needs some work and updating… thanks

@daniel.futerman we should develop a plan for working on the registries and workflows. I havent done anything on that yet ( I wonder if we want to do some business process modeling as part of this, but am not sure the best approach to the workflows)… thanks.

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Hi all, Greetings from Mekelle Team. we are victims of daylight saving. we joined the zoom after an hour in effect. so, we are really sorry and we will listen the records and follow with the assignments.

Thanks for all of the prep that the the Mekelle team put into the meeting. We missed you, but we were able to comment on your work.
Sorry about daylight savings time.

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@thcullen I should be able to spend some time on this later in the week, and will follow up. Seeing if I can get others involved from our side to support this.